Wurkplace provides occupational health and safety management to businesses throughout the UK.

The aim of this service is to support employees in the workplace, which in turn creates a productive and engaged workforce.  The company has a qualified nurse available to support your business.

In the first instance a consultant can visit your premises and audit your existing occupational health policies.  From here our team will complete a health surveillance through COSHH and Risk Assessments.

Individual Employee Assessments

As part of this service you will receive individual employee health assessments which includes, annual, induction and redeployment.  This is provided to ensure:

Wurkplace also offers a private counselling service in an effort to go the extra mile and gain trust and confidence from your staff and boosting morale.

Sickness and absence management

It is a fact that long term sickness and absence can not only damage production but also affect staff morale.  Wurkplace experts utilise engaging procedures to assist employees on managing their absence and sickness.  The occupational health consultants offer support and regular communication for staff.

With our HR Management Software you can manage sickness and absence with ease using a simple method called the bradford factor.  The Bradford factor will flag up and let you know when an employee’s absence is becoming a concern.  It will also inform you of any recurring patterns in absence, ie. an individual constantly having Monday’s off.

For more information on the software, click here.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

It is imperative that Drug and Alcohol Testing is taken place as part of Occupational Health.  Random testing should be undertaken to prevent any employees from being under the influence whilst taking care of particular duties, ie. operating heavy machinery or driving.

Wurkplace Occupational health specialists will also review and develop your drug and alcohol policy to ensure that all areas are covered and procedures are understood.

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