Wurkplace offers a flexible Attendance Management Solution which offers integration with a flexible HR Management System.

This software solution measures features unique to employees, such as fingerprint and facial recognition, and automatically fills in employee timesheets for you.

The Attendance Management software looks for specific points through the fingerprint and facial recognition and saves the coordinates. The coordinates are encrypted so only the device will be able to understand the information, meaning you’re safe in the knowledge that employee fingerprints are not being scanned and stored.

Benefits include:

This software and the HR Management System fully link in with our Payroll services which allows us to fully manage every aspect of your Payroll, freeing up your time to manage you business.

The time management software is available from as little as £184.99, including VAT.

To get started with our Attendance Management Software, or if you would like further information on how this would benefit your business, call 01352 871053.

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