Wurkplace offer employee handbook services throughout the UK.  At the outset, our HR advisors will assess your existing employee policies and procedures and provide a gap analysis to identify areas for improvement.

Our team can support you in creating and updating your handbook to ensure your organisation complies with the ever changing employment legislation.

Using our online HR Management System, Wurkplace will ensure all employees have a copy of the handbook and an electronic audit trail is kept to demonstrate this has been viewed and accepted, at a user level. Updates can also be issued via the system.

The handbook will cover:-

  • Company Rules
  • Policies
  • Employee Responsibilities
  • Standards of behaviour expected

The handbook provides detailed policies on all key areas, including, but not limited to :- attendance & timekeeping, sickness and absence, holidays, disciplinary, grievance, equal opportunities, maternity, training, alcohol abuse and use of company vehicles.

We also offer a regular Handbook update service to ensure policies are updated or added as needed.

Why have an employee handbook?

The purpose of an this is to govern the relationship between employer and employee ensuring fair and transparent business processes are in place for all members of staff.

To be compliant, it should cover:

When creating a handbook it is critical that all processes are legally compliant, fit for purpose and reflective of business values.

Under the Employment Rights Act 1996 it states that any employee employed for longer than a month is entitled to have access to an employee handbook and should be provided with an employment contract.

Failure to comply to the standards set out by the Employment Rights Act 1996 may allow for tribunals to adjust compensatory awards by up to 25% but more importantly, day to day, it may also affect staff performance and leave you with no formal agreement on the ‘rules’ surrounding the employment of that person.

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