Wurkplace offers a market leading HR Management System. This online paperless solution ensures that all of your HR requirements are supported.
The online resource uses the latest cloud technology so all of your documents can be accessed from anywhere and can be shared with other relevant people in the company. With one click you can have a complete overview of your business, from benchmarking statistics through to automated holiday approvals.
Manage your Personnel with our professional HR Management System

HR Database

Performance Management tools


Option of pre-designed reports or creating your own bespoke versions. The reports provide you with a complete overview of your workforce demographics, including:


An optional applicant tracking system which gives you complete control over all aspects of your recruitment pipeline, including:

The HR Management system integrates with a secure fingerprint clocking system. The clocking system automatically feeds the employee data into the HR system so that you don’t have to. Wurkplace also offers an outsourced payroll which can use the clocking system and the HR system to integrate with Sage payroll to provide an efficient end to end service.

The System aims to improve the efficiency and flexibility of your staff, freeing up time so that you can focus on running your business.

If you would prefer, we can completely manage the system for you so you don’t have to worry. With online help resources and the Wurkplace dedicated advisors, your business will be supported 24/7.

For further details, call our team or book your free demo of the HR Management System here.

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