Wurkplace offers a fully managed, market leading  HR Software solution.  This solution uses cloud based technology, providing a secure location to store your employee and HR documents.  

Manage your staff quickly and efficiently, reduce manual processing and paperwork.  The system offers:-

  • Automated workflow for holiday authorisation
  • Track and tackle sickness and absence
  • Send forms automatically to managers and employees to prompt return to work interviews
  • Store personnel files in the cloud, with flexible access from anywhere
  • Online performance management reviews
  • Assess employee performance online
  • Self Assessment tool and allow staff to assess the performance of colleagues.

The solution offers a dynamic dashboard, enabling you to see an overview of your business with just one click.  Book your free demo now.

Automated HR Reporting

The HR software solution provides you with the option to use the pre-designed reports or to create your own reports bespoke to your business needs. These reports provide you with company statistics, such as:

  • Staff turnover
  • Benchmarking within your sector
  • Salary increase
  • Busiest month
  • Regular sickness and absence
  • Holidays bunching


The applicant tracking system aspect of the HR software is optional.  It gives you full control to all elements of the recruitment process and pipeline.  It allows you to:

  • Publish vacancies
  • Collect applications
  • Categorise applicants to assist you in finding the right person for the job

Attendance Management Software

The solution provides full integration with a secure fingerprint clocking in system.  This software eradicates the risk of data entry errors.  Using unique coordinates on employee fingerprints, the attendance software automatically feeds data into the HR Software Solution, enabling a fully managed audit trail of your employees attendance.  This can also be integrated with Sage Payroll software, enabling a fully managed  payroll solution. Get a payroll quick quote here.

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